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In this game you put on an oversized backpack and have make your way through an antique store. The faster you reach the register, the higher your score, but be careful not to break too much.

Alternatively, let out your inner hooligan in Destruction mode where you do as much damage as possible in a set amount of time.

The game is meant for roomscale and uses the WalkAbout locomotion system which allows you to rotate around your play area, independent of your position in game, so you never run out of room.

You wear the backpack by placing your controller behind you in your belt, waistband or back pocket. So aside from a Vive, you'll need either a belt or pants to play the game.

There are currently four levels in timed mode, and two destruction levels.

This is a very early version and it's the first game I ever made, so there's bound to be plenty of bugs and things that don't work yet. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy playing Fine China!

I'm now working on improving the walkabout system, adding more items to the levels (chandeliers amongst others, so you won't be able to cheat by carrying the backpack overhead).

For the future, I'm planning to add more maps and stuff to break for both timed and destruction mode. Then, if there is enough interest I want to add a couple of different settings, and introduce some new gameplay mechanics.

Music used:

"The Jazz Piano"

"Cool Struttin' "
"Into the Woods"

Trailer 'Destruction mode':
"Bravo Plankton" by Taxidermist


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I've uploaded the first update! Since actual updating is a bit beyond my skills at the moment, I just uploaded a separate version for now, which will install in a different directory than the previous version.

What's new in version 0.02:

- Improved WalkAbout system. Now instead of just your rotation, it now also freezes your position, which should make it more intuitive.
- Added a score screen for destruction mode.
- Added a list of items that were broken in the score screen.
- Added chandeliers, so you can't cheat by carrying the backpack overhead anymore!
- Added several new breakable items.
- Added a small new destruction level.